Dubel Integrated Services gives businesses a top notch online presence from the scratch. If you’re new to the online space without any meaningful online impact, we shall help you to get started. Get ready to be found by your customers whenever they search for you online. 

First Impression matters a lot

We make your customers trust your brand always; we make them gain confidence in your capacity & deliverabilty.

Our online campaigns places you as number one on their list for possible patronage. 

We want you to concentrate and build your product while we handle the secret hard work

What we offer

Highly responsive on all devices

Equipped with trusted web security 

Basic Search Engine requirements

Stable and reliable hosting

User Friendly and easy page navigation

Integrated with social media

Technology and platforms utilized for our online advertising

Below are the different online and offline platform that we utilize in order to achieve our online advertisement goals:

  1. Online Digital Marketing means: Pay per clicks (PPC), Email marketing campaigns, Social Media sponsored posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Ads), Social Media Influencer, Application Ads
  2. Online news platforms: Sun newspaper, Daily Times newspaper, Information Nigeria, Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, operanews.com etc.
  3. Top Blogs sites: Linda Ikeji blog (lindaikeji.com) Inspirational parrot (trendsoflegend.com) etc.
  4. Offline Means: Radio jingles and sponsored programs, Television Adverts, Outdoor banners and handbills, Billboards, Bulk SMS,
  5. Top Websites: Depending on the results of your business analysis, we shall identify the top visited websites by your audience and meet them there.                   

      NOTE: The extent of your advertising reach depends on your selected  plan or business budget 

      Website Management

      If you lack the expertise on how to 

      Updating your web content, 

      Analysing website data for decision making, 

      Promoting the website or

      Developing your website, we assist you achieve that and even much more

      Advertising platforms/ possible reach

      Imagine having all your web pages being optimized for proper ranking on Search Engine Result Pages, imagine having great backlinks. 

      We offer complete SEO work for each webpage and the entire website. Nothing is left untouched. Leave your contact while we do the magic for you. 

      We don't just market your brand, we build your business

      We don’t just work with you, we join your workforce to grow your business. The combined efforts of our staffs are deployed to deliver on quality 



      Website Design & Development

      Design all types Websites including e-commerce 

      Fully responsive

      Web Development 

      Complete website SEO

      Website Management 

      Virtual Office Assistant

      Hire a professional; 

      Pay them only when they work for you;

      Save time and resources;

      Get a pro to handle your simple administrative & personal tasks

      Online Advertisement

      Get millions of people to know  what you do;

      Get increased leads;

      Get increased calls, emails, followers and visitors

      Online Brand Building

      It is important that you set out for the first time in a professional way.

      Manage, monitor & analyze all registered online platforms

      Brand growth and awareness campaigns etc

      software and application development company

      App/software Development

      Get a unique mobile application that is customized for your business and your customers for easy use while on the go. Android app development etc