We Study your Business and Tell the World Exactly what you

Dubel Integrated Services is the leading online advertising agency based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. We commit ourselves to your business and ensure the right customers get to know about your products or services; pick interest in them, take the necessary desired action, and trust you to subsequently buy from you. 

Our adverts go far across the states in Nigeria and we deploy every modern online strategy to convert the right buyers.

Our strategies include:

  • Strategic social media targeting
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display, pop-up, or banner advertising on specific websites
  • Mobile App Advertisement

Out of Sight is out of Mind, Keep up with Your Audience, Get them engaged

Great brands keep their customers updated with relevant information about their products and services. They get to trust and patronize you again when you remain evergreen in their mind. Trust Dubel Integrated Services to engage your customers with great content through professional and targeted advertisement; we also make them trust you over other brands. 

Do you wish to make your customers lifetime buyers? Then make them loyal to your brand through advertisement. We not only send you leads, but we also make them loyal and your advocates.

Let’s do the hard task for you, never bother about the numerous calls or cold emailing. We handle them professionally

Generate the best leads for your business

We use all means to generate the right leads for your business

  • Social Media Ads campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
  • Email Marketing 
  •  Content Marketing campaigns  

Rank Higher on SERPs with our SEO package

We bring your business to the limelight on search engine result pages. 

Smart keyword research that is peculiar to your business 

Complete On-site, On-page, and Off-page SEO for your website

Relevant backlinks 

We don't just market your brand, we build your business

We don’t just work with you, we join your workforce to grow your business. The combined efforts of our staffs are deployed to deliver on quality 



Website Design & Development

All types of website

Responsive web pages

Mobile-friendly pages

Search Engine friendly

Easy Navigation

Website Management

Virtual Office Assistant

Hire a professional 

Pay your virtual assistant only when they work

Concentrate on your most important task

Save your time; delegate urgent task

Online Advertisement

Get more people to trust your products and services

Go digital; Double your sales

Reach more people with your targeted advert

Go Beyond Boundaries 

Save Time and Money

Online Brand Building

Develop a strong online presence from scratch 

Get  more people to trust  your brand

Aggressive brand awareness 

Business-to-business connection


software and application development company

App/software Development

Linux app development 

Java application 

Mobile Application 

E-commerce App

Unique Business App

Get your customers connect while on the ‘Go’