Your Business Growth Begins Online


Dubel Integrated Services is a leading Technology company based in Port Harcourt. We innovatively solve the problems of individuals and businesses using proven digital technology. We help businesses gain online relevance by offering them topnotch Website, digital marketing services, advertising solutions, mobile and desktop application development. In the past, we have helped many companies to close more sales by utilizing the online platform. Trust us to replicate same to your business. Let’s do the secret work while you enjoy the result.


Get more customers to your business

Many potential customers do not buy, because they have not trusted your brand. 

Get more people to trust your business with our digital marketing and online advertising service. 

  • Go digital today and double your sales;
  • Reach more people with your targeted advertisement
  • Go Beyond Boundaries 
  • Save Time and Money

Dubel Academy

Our goal is to bridge the technical skill gap between classroom and industry

The future is beautiful, let's take you there

How do you think a fresh graduate or a school leaver can conveniently enter their desired industry and fit in appropriately? We give fresh graduate and school leavers the privilege to compete favourably with their counterparts of numerous years of experience.



Explore our professional courses in the robust oil and gas industry. Step into a very robust industry with so many opportunities within and outside Nigeria



You are just a step away from becoming a Techpreneur. This is all you need to enter into the fastest growing industry 



All you need to build a professional career in management, leadership, accounting, business and entrepreneurship 



Explore high paying skills in Tech. Step-by-step and hands-on session for you. Start a career in proramming even as a novice. 

Website Design

Are you concerned why your business isn’t getting the needed attention online? It is probably because you have a terrible website. Bad websites are a turn-off for customers.

Your business deserves the best, we can land you a befitting, responsive and mobile-friendly website.

We make it Search Engine friendly; easy to navigate, tailored and designed to help increase conversion for your business. 

Virtual Office Assistant (VOA)

You can achieve more when you hire a professional to assist you to handle and organize your tasks.

With your VOA, you will save more time; delegate urgent tasks while you concentrate on the most important ones. Do you want to know how your VOA will help you? Click here to learn more

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Online Brand Building

Do you desire to develop a strong online presence and do not know how to go about it? This service will help you get started. 

You are assured of aggressive brand awareness, the increased online popularity of your business, more visits to your website, increased social media followership and conversion etc 

Increased trust by new customers alongside business-to-business connections.

Software and Mobile App Development

Customers don’t like it when they miss out of your services. Help them to connect with you while they are on the ‘Go’. A mobile application makes it easier for them to access you. Hire us to bring your dream and ambition to reality with an amazing mobile application.

  • Mobile Application (iOS and Android)
  • Web-based application
  • Desktop application